Live Chat Lead Generation Can Boost Your eCommerce Conversions By 20 Percent

Live Chat for eCommerce

Live Chat for eCommerce Customer service is vital to any business. When thinking about customer service, you need to go beyond the typical level of support customers have come to expect.

Your customers want to feel important. It needs to be clear you value your relationship with them and not just the money they spend at your business. You need to establish an emotional connection between your business and your customers.

In a traditional brick and mortar setup, this is simple. A level of personal touch can be easily achieved – a greeting at the door, the ability to answer their questions in real-time, and so on.

How can you incorporate a similar level of service on your ecommerce website?

It’s easy – White Label live chat.

Your consumers have questions, and utilizing live chat lead generation can help you better assist your customers and even improve conversion rates, oftentimes by at least 20 percent..

How Online Retailers are Using Live Chat to Boost Sales

Live chat can increase customer retention rates. You want people to be loyal to your brand.

When you’re using a live chat service that’s available 24/7, you’re proving a great resource for your website visitors to have their questions answered in real-time. In turn, you’re going to increase your conversions, sales and profits. A few of the many ways that online retailers are already using live chat to boost conversions are:

Initiate a Chat to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Every day, you’re losing sales because someone abandoned their shopping cart. Customers may have changed their minds and decided to not make a purchase, or they may have additional questions.

Initiating with a potential buyer via live chat, based on certain triggers, can help close the sale. Numerous retailers will initiate a chat if a customer is on the checkout page for five minutes or more.

Sending a simple message can reduce abandonment. A simple “Hi, is there anything we can help you with today?” will do the trick.

Mobile Chat Integration

Mobile is the way people prefer to shop. According to OuterBox, 79 percent of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last six months.

Open an app, add the item you want to the cart and click “buy.” Adding mobile chat windows is an integral way to guide customers to make a purchase.

Upsell Through Chat

Proactive chat initiation can help make a sale, and chats can also help improve sales through upselling. Having customer service reps available to answer your website visitor’s questions will improve sales. These same reps can also recommend a product or service that works well with the product or service a visitor is viewing and/or is a similarly recommended product.

Gain Data About Customers

Customer behavior is an essential part of making sales and improving your visitor’s website experience. Live chat allows you to understand your consumer habits, what products they’re interested in and the pages they are viewing and spending the most time on on your website. Your agents can collect answers to commonly asked questions, and you can use this information to create your own knowledge bases.

And live chats offer benefits that go beyond these few points.

Benefits of a White Label Chat Service

White label services allow you to easily integrate a live chat into your website with all of your own branding. You use our technology and back-end, but as far as your customers can tell, this is a product that you own.

Using the right live chat service extends the customer service that you already offer and improves their experience.

Happy customers are buying customers.

When you add a chat for lead generation, you’ll benefit from:

Engaged visitors that can ask questions and for help when making a purchase. When your chat is available, fewer customers will go to a competitor because you couldn’t answer their questions.

Real-time responses 24/7 allow for less customer service calls and more sales. Consumers don’t want to wait for answers, and when you provide them day or night, you’re increasing your chances of a conversion.

Better understand your potential leads. The more data that you have about your potential leads, the better you’ll be able to make a sale. Live chat helps you gain valuable data from your website visitors so that you can analyze this data and better refine your marketing.

Greet customers to reduce bounce rate. Forrester claims that 44 percent of customers view live chat as the best feature on a site.

Build a brand that customers are loyal to and will continue shopping at in the future.

Live chat lead generation is so powerful that customers are three times more likely to make a purchase after using live chat. When 62 percent of online customers claim that they would purchase more products if there was live customer service available, it’s a feature that your website needs to make more sales.

Looking to increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce website? Contact us today to learn more.

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