What Our Customers Are Saying

"Within 60 Days We've Been Able To Double Our Online Leads..."

– Ryan Rendfrey

"We've Had A Lot Of Good Success That's Came Through The Chat Process..."

– Ron Martin

"The Live Chat Creates An Instant Personal Connection With Someone Coming Through Your Website..."

– Caroline Brown

"One Of The Best Things About Using The 24/7 Live Chat Is Converting More Of The Website Traffic Into Sales Leads..."

– Aleck Del Prado

"Having chat on our site has increased the number of leads we are able to generate from the website..."

– Andrew Elkind

"They have delivered 10X what they said they would do and in the first 9 days, we got 21 new patients, I recommend them 500%!"

– Kimber McCafferty

"We have seen our customer service improve greatly and help our customers get to dealers quicker saving them time."

– Steve Talaga

"in 2019, 63% of all chats were Viable Sales Leads and that has lead to a lot of business..."

– Craig Carter

"It has been a really tremendous asset for us... our (worldwide) customers are able to have a real conversation with us even when we are not in the office..."

– Stephanie Lee

"Live Chat has increased our new patient numbers by at least 20%, and patients like how improves communication with the practice"

– Michael Hanes