The Benefits Your Client Can Expect From 24/7 Live Chat

Increase In Conversion Rate

If you look at your clients’ website analytics, you’ll see that well over 95% of their visitors leave without them knowing they were there. Once live chat is launched on their site, their visitors will be proactively engaged with a chat box that automatically opens up at the bottom right of the screen.  (or we can set it up to open on the bottom left if the website design requires us to do so) We’ll review their website analytics to find out what their average time on site is.  This will help us determine how soon the chat box should open up.

Increase In Sales Leads

The result of increasing conversions is an increase in sales opportunities. Most websites only have two “capture tools”.  Website visitors can either call a phone number they find on the website OR they can fill out a quote request or contact us web form.  By adding this third, and most powerful capture tool, more website visitors will be converted into name, number and email.  Additionally, the live chat will be a valuable qualification tool for the company.  Because the entire chat transcript is emailed over, your client’s reps will have some insights into the interests and needs of the website visitor.  In our monthly reports we send to our live chat clients, sales leads make up 35% – 60% of the chat transcripts.

Monthly Reporting

We’ll send you monthly reports showing the number of “meaningful chats” that took place on your clients’ websites. The report is a spreadsheet which will show you the contact information, time of chat, website page the chat started on, source of the website visitor, and more.  There will also be a link allowing you and your client to view each chat transcript.

Content And Keyword Insights

We encourage you to review the chat transcripts regularly with your client with the goal of recognizing keywords being used or questions being asked. These observations should lead to additional SEO content and keyword strategy improvements.


As long as the client is following up with the chat leads properly and they have a decent sales team/process, the ROI should be a no brainer. This is based on the assumption that your client either has high website traffic and/or a high average sale on their products/services.


Live Chat Can Turn Visitors Into Customers

growth arrows

Live chat helps increase conversions by at least 20%

handing money

Customers using live chat are 3X more likely to purchase



"Within 60 Days We've Been Able To Double Our Online Leads..."

– Ryan Rendfrey

"We've Had A Lot Of Good Success That's Came Through The Chat Process..."

– Ron Martin

"The Live Chat Creates An Instant Personal Connection With Someone Coming Through Your Website..."

– Caroline Brown

"One Of The Best Things About Using The 24/7 Live Chat Is Converting More Of The Website Traffic Into Sales Leads..."

– Aleck Del Prado