Create Residual Income

When is the last time you added a new service that generates residual revenue for your business?

Companies’ grow faster and make more money if they continue to innovate their services and stay ahead of the curve. We are offering you a unique and proven sales tool that will help you gain a competitive advantage over your competition, increase client retention, and improve the overall profitability of your agency.

Our turnkey live chat solution, known as “24/7 live chat” is a proven solution that we have been offering to our own clients for over 16 years.

If you are a marketing agency already providing online marketing solutions to your clients, then this is certainly a way to immediately increase your revenues AND your client retention. When implemented with the right clients, results are all but guaranteed. We have been helping companies convert their website visitors into revenue for well over a decade. We can offer you a white-label solution that is turn-key. We will even support you as necessary in the sales process to help make our partnership successful from the start. When you become a reseller, we will do everything we can to help you grow your residual revenue.