Our Streamlined Process Starts Here!

Onboarding Your New Sale

Step 1

Once you’ve identified a company where 24/7 live chat will be valuable, all you’ll need to do is send them the initial questionnaire. Sometimes we refer to this as the onboarding questionnaire. We suggest you ask the client to complete it as best as possible but that it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to fill it out.

Create Training Manual

Step 2

Once they send you back the questionnaire, you’ll simply forward it on to us.  Then, our team will review the answers from the questionnaire and review the client’s website and start building out the initial script.  We often refer to the initial script as the ‘training manual’.  It usually takes us 1–2 weeks to develop the training manual.  Once we’ve finished it, we’ll email it to you, with your logo on it – to forward to the client for review and edits.  Often, we’ll mark in red the areas we need additional information from the client.

Training For Our Team

Step 3

We typically get the revised training manual back from the client within 3 – 4 business days. At that point, we then begin training our chat team on the script. This usually takes about 1 – 2 weeks. We’ll notify you when we are confident enough to deploy the chat box. This is the time when you’ll approve the chat box design and copy/paste the code on your client’s website.

Communication Setup

Step 4

You will need to setup an alias email to forward to our chat team, chats@YOURAGENCY.com >> chats@whitelabelchatbox.com. This will ensure that our team can make changes 24/7 as needed to update your clients scripts. We will then need to setup an SMTP from that address so we can send as you and your clients can reply to it directly for changes. It’s in the questionnaire, but be sure we know which email addresses should get the chat transcripts emailed to them.

Launch And Improve

Step 5

You’ll want to let your client know that as soon as the chats start coming in, this is when the real script development begins. Let them know if they see something that needs to be asked or said differently, they can ‘reply all’ and provide the suggested script change. The changes are usually made within 2 business days. It becomes a constant improvement process from day one. Normally, within the first 30 days, the script gets optimized to a point where there aren’t many more changes needed. However, the script can be edited at any time as we work together.

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