Benefits For Agencies To Sell 24/7 White Label Live Chat

Why should marketing agencies offer 24/7 live chat to their clients?

Are you constantly trying to come up with new ways to keep your clients happy?

Do you feel like you’re constantly in a state of ‘catch up’?

Are you playing the “lose one, gain one” game? The dreadful cycle of gaining a new client just to hear the next day that you’re losing a client?

Don’t you wish there was a way for you to increase your profits and help your clients at the same time?

It’s time to innovate your service offering and add a proven and powerful solution to your arsenal.  24/7 live chat

Why should marketing agencies offer 24/7 live chat to their clients?

Improve Results for your clients: Marketing agencies already have a client database of which they provide various marketing services, which drive traffic to their clients’ websites.  Adding live chat will increase the results from the other efforts your clients are paying you for.

Increase Client Retention: When you increase the results for your clients, they are going to be very happy.  Especially if you have some clients that you’ve been doing SEO and PPC for a while and you’ve maximized their traffic.  When you add live chat, this will create another level of reliance on your agency.

Monthly recurring income: This service is completely turn-key.  We do all the work for you and we provide the monthly reports.  All you have to do is get your clients to see the value enough to give it a 30-day test.  Then, as you continue to bring on new clients, your monthly revenues will grow substantially.

Low work intensity: The best part about our 24/7 white label chat solution is how little effort you’ll need to put in. We do the setup, script development, graphical chat interface design, and training. All you’ll need to do is get the initial questionnaire back from your client and have them review the training manual (initial script) when we send it to you. Then, once we launch the chat on your client’s website, they will be the ones that let you know when changes need to be made to the script. Once you send us those changes – as they come from your client – we typically make the edit to our script within 2 business days.